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Student Incident Report

What is S.I.R?

S.I.R will enable school staff
(teachers, administrators, Relief teachers, etc..)
to report, record and archive student incidents
(Yard, Classroom, Camp, Excursion, etc...) with a minimum amount of time and effort.

Features & Use:              

Create standard incident reporting across the school.    

Report and record incidents with pre-populated data for individual students.

Pre-populate form fields with your own customized data.

e.g. Teacher names and Email addresses

Create a single staff list (containing all staff names and emails) for everyone to use.

Add/Delete/Update the list whenever you like.

For more information on how to create a csv (Comma Separated Value) formatted staff list, please refer to user guide.

To download a copy of the user guide, right click on the                          

appropriate icon and select "Save target as..."

Email reports to teachers and/or admin staff in one step.

Classroom incidents may also be recorded and emailed to self for record keeping and archiving.                                          

Encourage the success of positive behaviors and attitudes.            

Have a weekly reward system for the entire class that hasn't had any incident records against them.